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The Journal aims to:-

  1. Publish practical and theoretical articles and researches related to nursing science for local, national and international level.
  2. Publish researches extract from master and doctorate thesis.
  3. Publish scientific research project related to various nursing science fields for local, national and international level.
  4. Exchange nursing experience in all nursing science between faculties and different institutions.
  5. Follow-up and analysis developments in nursing science in Egypt or abroad.
  6. Publish the recent Egyptian, Arab and foreign nursing literature.
  7. Publish scientific reports of the departments' seminars, conferences and scientific days that related to nursing science.

Scope of Journal:-

  • Nursing science and its related fields
  • Community health nursing
  • Geriatric nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Nursing administration
  • Obstetric and gynecological nursing
  • Psychiatric nursing
  • Medical surgical nursing
  • Critical nursing
Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2024 

Effect of an Instructional Supportive Guideline Concerning Women Reproductive Rights on Student Nurses’ Perception and Satisfaction

Pages 1-13

Elham Ahmed Ahmed Mohamed; Kamlia Ragab Abo Shabana; Samah Abd Elhaliem Said; Rehab Soliman Abd Elaliem

Effect of Precautionary Measures Program on Pregnant Women’s Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices regarding Novel Covid-19

Pages 14-28

Eman Samy Mohamed Singab; Nadia Mohamed Fahmy; Amel Ahmed Hassan Omran; Samah Abd-elhaliem Said; Ola Abdel-Wahab Afifi

Assessment of Maternity Nurses’ Knowledge, Practices and Attitude regarding Uterine Fibroid

Pages 45-61

Hanan ELshahat Abass Tahoon; Amel Ahmed Hassan Omran; Elham Abozaid Ramadan; Mai Mahmoud Hassan

Health Educational Program for Orphanages Children regarding Prevention of Nutritional Diseases

Pages 75-85

Amina Khalid Ahmed Omar; Howaida Sadek Abd El Hamid; Amina Abd El Razek Mahmoud; Hedya Fathy Mohy El- Deen

Basic Life Support Training Program for University Nursing Students

Pages 112-123

Eman Ali Mahmoud Mohammad; Hanaa Abd El Gawad Abd El Megeed; Huda Abdallah Moursi Afifi

Knowledge and Attitudes of Female Nursing Students regarding Breast Self-examination and Mammography

Pages 164-181

Shimaa Ahmed Abo EL-nour; Soad Abd-El Salam Ramadan; Hemmat Mostafa El-Banna; Fatma Kamal Ali

The Relation between Workaholism and the Quality of Nursing Care among Staff Nurses

Pages 198-209

Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Ali; Ebtesam Saeed Ahmed; Aya Ghoneimy Hasanin

Precautionary Measures Practices and Burdens among Shingles Patients and their Caregivers

Pages 233-247

Mahmoud Mohamed Ali Afifi; Mahboba Sobhy Abd Elaziz; Wafaa Atta Mohamed

Effect of Preventive Nursing Guidelines about COVID-19 on Hospitalized School Age Children

Pages 248-261

Eman Ahmed Taha El-Naggar; Faten Shafik Mahmoud; Basma Rabie Abdel-Sadik

Effect of Nutritional Guideline on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Pregnant Women regarding Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anemia

Pages 262-278

Shymaa Hamdy Abdelmoty; Samia Abd El Hakem Hassanin Aboud; Afaf Mohammed Emam; Asmaa AbdElrazak Mostafa

Occupational Health Hazards among Computer Users in Benha University Administration

Pages 279-291

Hoda Hassan Bahgat; Amina Abdelrazek Mahmoud; Taisser Hamido Abosree

Quality of Life among Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Pages 292-306

Heba Maher Naguib; Hedya Fathy Mohy El-Deen; Taisser Hamido Abosree

Designed Nursing Guidelines regarding Care of Children Undergoing Bone Marrow Aspiration

Pages 307-321

Sara Mohamed Wahba Hegazy; Khadiga Mohamed Said; Reda Mohamed Abdullah

Knowledge, Practices and Attitudes of Pregnant Women regarding Deep Venous Thrombosis

Pages 322-335

Hend Shaban Hassan Abd El Ftah; Amel Ahmed Hassan Omran; Hend Abdallah Elsayed Afifi; Mai Mahamoud Hassan

Effect of Trans Theoretical Model on Knowledge and Practices among Osteoarthritis Patients

Pages 336-349

Amany Esmat AbdElhafeez; Mahbouba Sobhy Abd EL Azize; Ahlam Elahmady Mohamed Sarhan; Huda Abdallah Moursi Afifi

Nursing Students’ Attitude regarding Electronic based Learning Application on Practical Skills

Pages 350-364

Eman Abd El-Mordy Elsayed Ahmed; Ebtisam Mohamed Abd El-Aal; Doaa Mohamed Sobhy Elsayed; Mona Abdallah Abdel-Mordy

Relationship between Perceived Social Support, Level of Functioning and Recovery among Patients with Schizophrenia

Pages 365-383

Mahmoud Ali Ahmed Mohamed; Mona Mohamed Abd Alaziz Barakat; Fathyea Abdallah Ahmed shams El-Din

Toxic Leadership as Perceived by Nurses and Its Relation to Job Coping

Pages 384-402

Amal Mokhtar Taha; Ebtesam Saeed Ahmed; Nora Ahmed Abd Allah

Effect of Educational Program about Adaptive Leadership for Nurse Managers on Staff Nurses' outcomes

Pages 403-421

Reda Ismail Anter El-Dash; Reda Abd-Elfatah Abo Gad; Howida Hassan El-Sayed Mahfouz

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Elderly People regarding Prevention of Malnutritional Diseases

Pages 422-437

Amira Mahmoud Mohamed Abd El- Raouf; Howyida Sadek Abd El-Hameed; Amina Abd El- Razek Mahmoud

Effect of Continuous Care Model on Quality of Life among Women with Preeclampsia

Pages 446-461

Nesma Abd-Elaziz Ibrahim EL Desoky; Samia Abd-Elhakeem Hasneen Aboud; Eman Mohamed Abd-Elhakem; Ola Abd-Elwahab Afifi Araby

Preventive Program about COVID 19 for Nurses

Pages 491-512

Marwa El- Shahat Zaki El-Said; Mahboubah Sobhy Abd-Elaziz; Samah Said Sabry; Mona Abdallah Abdel-Mordy

Effect of Mentoring Educational Program for Head Nurses on Nurses’ Work Engagement

Pages 513-526

Sabrein Moustafa Abd Elsalam Hamouda; Reda Abd El-Fatah Abo Gad; Salwa Ibrahim Mahmoud

Occupational Health Hazards and Protective Measures among Workers in Pesticide Factory

Pages 542-554

Marwa Salem Mousa; Ebtisam Mohamed Abd ElAal; Ahlam Elahmady Sarhan

Mothers' Perception regarding Health Lifestyle among their Primary School Children with Stunting

Pages 555-571

Mervat Soliman Ibrahim; Hanaa Abd El-Gawad Abd El-Megeed; Shimaa Gamal Eldein Ibraheim

Efficacy of Guidance Program about Informatics Competencies for Staff Nurses and its Effect on Patients Safety

Pages 659-677

Manar Kamel Abdel-Razik; Reda Abd El-Fatah Abo Gad; Fawzia Farouk Kamel; Hoda Abd Alla Saleh

Quality of Life among Elderly People with Sleep Disorders

Pages 678-692

Abeer Haroun Abu-zaid Helil; Ebtisam Mohamed Abd El-aal; Basma Mohamed Abd-Elrahman

Effect of Pain on Daily Living Activities among the Elderly People in Benha City

Pages 693-705

Maha Atef Abo shady; Nawal Mahamoud Soliman; Taisser Hamido Abosree

Occupational Health Hazards among Workers in Sewage Treatment Plants

Pages 719-735

Seham Ahmed Elsayed; Ahlam Elahmady Sarhan; Amina Abd-Elrazek Mahmoud

Coping Strategies for Patients with Pleural Effusion

Pages 751-768

Heba Saad Mohamed; Mahbouba Sobhy Abd-El Azize; Amina Abd-El razek Mahmoud

Evidence Based Practice regarding Mother’s Care for Infants with Pneumonia

Pages 769-782

Maha Abd Elaziz Mohamed; Ebtisam Mohamed Abd-Elaal; Hedya Fathy Mohy EL-Deen

Nurses’ Knowledge and Practices regarding Care of Neonates Undergoing Esophageal Atresia Surgery

Pages 824-841

Shreen Gamal Abd Elfatah; Basma Rabie Abd Elsadik; Seham Mohamed Abd Elaziz

Bullying Management Program for Nurses and its Effect on their Turnover

Pages 842-856

Bedor Abdullah Gonium; Karima Ahamed El- Sayed; Mahdia Morsy El-Shahat

Psychological Resilience and Mental Health among Patients With COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 882-871

Hadeer Youssef El Sayed Ali; Fathyea Said Sayed; Shimaa Salah Elsayed

Post Operative Care Practices among Caregivers and Patients with Pterygium

Pages 872-890

Eman Refaat Mohamed Abd-Elfatah; Mahbouba Sobhy Abd El-Aziz; Amina Abd-Elrazek Mahmoud

Heart Failure Versus Renal Failure Patients in Relation to Outcomes of Alternate Nostril Breathing: Comparative Study.

Pages 908-924

Fatma Mohammed Attia; Manal Hamed Mahmoud; Hala Abd El-Salam Sheta; Safaa Mohammed El Sayed

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